Rules & Regulations

  1. In addition to the fees, parents are required to meet expenses of school uniform ,books, note book, School lunch, school transport- [optional] , education trip, excursions , class activity / co curricular material charges, activity charges, fee for public/CBSE examination ,and any other requirement in connection with their child’s education at Yashoda public School Satara.
  2. School Annual fee can be paid in 3 installments. First installment at the time of admission.
  3. Those opting for transport June to September .Defaulters will be charged a fine of Rs 50 per day
  4. The academic year has 2 SA. SA -1 ( Term- I) I st April to 30 th September & SA 2 [ term 2] October to 31st March.
  5.  If a student leaves the school before the end of term, fee will be payable for the full term. Under no circumstance will the fees be refunded or adjusted.
  6. In Case of mid session admission, Fee has to be paid in full, no part payment will be accepted.
  7.  The fees Schedule given above is subject to change from time to time, at the discretion of Yashoda Public School Satara management. The School will communication any fee revision to parents.
  8. Yashoda Public School has put in place regulations necessary for the effective function of the school. It reserves the right to amend the regulation wherever considered necessary and appropriate. Therefore, this publication and description contained here not be construed as a contract binding the school to any specific policies . The information given in the admission form and accompanying documents in an indications of Yashoda Public School Satara plans on the date of publication of this document.
  9.  The submission of an admission form does not guarantee admission.
  10. No deduction in school fee or transport charges for vacations and broken periods
  11. I understand that fee paid by me will not be refunded if cancel the admission
  12. Your Child is registered in Yashoda Public School Satara. No transfer is permissible to any of our other branches.
  13. If the admission is cancelled before the start of new academic year, the school is not liable to refund any amount paid I have read the rules and regulation given above and I agree to abide by them.
  14.  Admission will be valid only if the fee is paid in full by the due date along with the necessary documents submitted as mentioned in the broacher and on completion of all formalities .payment can be made through a bank draft or at par cheque ‘Demand Draft, Should be made in the name of “Yashoda Public School, Satara” payable at satara.
  15. Medical Checkup is a general body checkup is to be done.[ There is no any major surgical checkup/operation is to be done .
  16.  In order to meet the incidental expenses of boarders, such as school uniforms, books, stationery, pocket money, personal expenses for outing or extra coaching classes imprest money is to be deposited with the school. The account of expenses incurred will be rendered to the parents from time to time .
  17.  Defaulter who do not clear the school dues will be prevented from taking the school or board examinations. Transfer Certificate will not be issued until all outstanding dues are cleared.
  18. In case of withdrawals from the school , only Caution Money will be refunded subject to the clearance of all other dues and 3 months’ notice for boarders and 1 month’ notice for day scholars has to be given failing which the security deposite will not be refunded.