A Post-Graduate in Arts, Prof. Dasharath Sagare’s visionary thinking and leadership qualities have got him where he is today.  With a penchant for delivering nothing but the best, Prof.Dasharath Sagare continues to lead the trust with acclaimed success as Chairman.  His vision, eye for the minute details, people-oriented approach and steadfastness has helped the Yashoda Education Society to take giant strides in the field of education.  He has single-handedly spearheaded many projects for social causes in and around Satara.Spreading education has been very close to his heart and he has been instrumental in setting up many schools in small town of Maharashtra.

His aspiration to contribute something worthwhile to society led him to establish a school for the new generation in Satara.  The grandeur of OIS and its inception is due to him.

“Even a simple good wish can turn into a big achievement 
if you have enough will”

Prof.Dasharath Sagare,
Chairman & President,
Yashoda Education Society, Satara.