Location and Climate

3The school, about 4 kms. from the city of Satara. It is located in the beautiful and terrain ofWadhe Phata  and its surrounding Hills-part of state of Maharashtra.
Satara is located at 17.68°N 73.98°E. It has an average elevation of 742 metres (2434 feet).

Satara is located in the western part of Maharashtra. Satara district is bounded by Pune district to the north, Solapur district to the east, Sangli district to the south and Ratnagiri district to the west. Raigad district lies to its north-west. Satara District has an area of 10,480 km² and a population of 2,796,906 (2001).

2 The view that suddenly unfolds evokes a sense of awe in many first time visitors! While driving down the road one can see the beautiful hills all around. These hills are green for most part of the year and get punctuated with awesome waterfalls during the monsoons! About 3 kms. from the Satara City, down this winding road is nestled Yashoda International School.

The climate of Yashoda Technical Campus neighborhood is moderate with the maximum temperature perhaps never exceeding 37 deg Celsius and the minimum never going below about 15 deg Celsius.The summer season is the driest part of the year with relative humidities between 20 and 25 per cent only in the afternoons.

The skies are heavily clouded to overcast during the south-west monsoon season.

2In the rest of the year skies are mostly clear or lightly clouded. Winds are generally light to moderate with some strengthening in wind force during the latter part of the summer season and in the south-west monsoon season.

The winds across the hills around the campus are gentle and soothing. The gentle sway of the tall grasses is a spectacle!